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manufacturer of decorative wooden packaging products

Gift baskets

... Simplicity is the perfect combination of beauty with what is practical and appropriate.
Nothing should be in excess ... Dominique Loreau

Hand-weaved baskets trimmed with fabric. They are manufactured in an open mould or with a cover as an option. Gift baskets can be used by companies to prepare Christmas dainty sets. These natural wooden packaging products are ordered by manufacturers of healthy food, bee products and natural cosmetics. They participate in promotional campaigns and are appreciated by the advertising and hotel industry. Our products can be found in elite rooms as well as in the basement shadows of vineyard owners. Our baskets are still packaging products that enjoy unflagging interest and are appreciated for their manufacturability.

original manufactory wooden packaging for gift sets

manufacturer of decorative wooden packaging

logo packaging products

Hand-weaved baskets trimmed with fabric

original manufactory packaging for gift sets

dedicated wooden packaging for hotels, wine bars, advertising industry

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